Star Walk 2 – Sky Guide: View Stars Day and Night

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December 22, 2017
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Star Walk 2 – Sky Guide: View Stars Day and Night




Discover new depths
Star Walk 2 is the first guide to astronomy to introduce possible three-dimensional models of planetary nebulae. Groupings of stars of the 88 constellations officially recognized are also presented in volume. You them you can see as separate entities, turn them over and take a look from the other side. Complemented by articles connected myths and history, this is the most comprehensive collection of information about the constellations. *

To keep your phone and point skyward, Star Walk 2 follows your movements using the built-in gyroscope to match it with the map on the screen for the stars seen from your location. Easy to find any Star, constellation, or satellite in the sky performing search. Star Walk will indicate the direction to look in.

Unlike in a normal photograph, each star in Star Walk 2 has coordinates. This means that you can look at objects, for example, a constellation from any point of view in the space, not to mention last accuracy of your map its exact location.

Now and then
Star Walk 2 gives you daily accurate data in the current phase of the Moon, the hour of dusk and dawn, and the elevation of the planets. With only a slide, you can see how the sky will look more later this evening or throughout the year.

PRO star-gazing
Night special soft red mode will help preserve night vision when stargazing with a telescope. You can see the sky at x-ray (and 5 more filters) to study the invisible structure of the universe. Follow live by more than 8,000 satellites will help you catch up Iridium flares, and detailed articles will satisfy the most curious researcher.



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