Radardroid Pro v3.13 Mod APK


GPS speed camera warning app for Android devices. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the app database. This app will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law.
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December 7, 2017
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Radardroid Pro v3.13 Mod APK




Detector de radar GPS for Android phones. Radardroid will let you know with their ads by voice when you approach a speed camera or a mobile control. You can also activate notices before entering tunnels where there are radars installed or cameras at traffic lights.

This application will give you the peace of mind behind the wheel, and will allow you to avoid possible penalties thanks to its many functions.

The Pro version offers you the following advantages
-No advertising. Full screen for the information that really matters.
-It works completely in the background. It allows you to use your favorite browser or listening to music or any other activity with your Android device and still show you notice and/or sound alerts and voice screens when you approach a radar. Simply start alerts when you want and ready.
-Data Base with addresses of radars f ijos for Spain. You know only in the correct direction in the Spanish fixed radars. The addresses of the speedcam database is updated whenever you update the radars of Spain with laradiobbs.net.
-Multiple databases from radar simultaneously. It allows you to install the databases of radars that interest you. You can install radars from various countries or different vendors.
-At any time, you can enable or disable providers you want or types of radars that you want without having to download the database.
-Radar editor. You can modify the radars that are not correct in the database or add new radars. You can add the sense of radar alert you only in the right direction.
-Add and remove radars or points of personal interest. If you find a new radar in your way, just press twice quickly on the map and saved the current position as a point of personal interest. You can then edit it with the Editor of radar.
-You can see the speedometer on the top of the application that you want, for example, your favorite browser. Configure if you want to display speedometer and where you want to show on screen.

And of course all the features you already know the Lite version
-Visual and audible warnings.
-Announcements with vibrator (very useful for bikers).
-The display can be configured to always keep it active or shut down in the event of downtime. If it is turned off, it turns on automatically upon receipt of a notice of radar.
-Day and night mode.
-Select in horizontal, vertical or automatic mode.
-The main screen allows you to see the speedcams on map and check your position at all times, together with your speed and direction.
-Download database of radars more complete and updated of Spain from the Internet. Keep the database always updated with a single click. You can currently download the database of laradiobbs.net for Spain, SpeedCameraPOI for other countries. You can also download to your PC data bases SCDB.com, or GPS-data Team and then import them from the SD card.
-Import data from the SD card.



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