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July 24, 2017
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PhotoPills V1.0.1 Mod APK



Unleash your creativity! Discover how to convert any scene you can imagine with Sun, Moon and Milky Way in a real photo … and it starts to capture photos truly legendary each time you take the camera.

If you are a seasoned photographer, a professional filmmaker or someone who’s barely touched a camera, PhotoPills will help you explore new artistic possibilities to tell stories in a way that was not possible before.

All-in-one application
PhotoPills is your personal assistant. Includes a multitude of tools that will help you answer most of the questions that arise during the planning and the taking of their photographs:
– The first planner of the Sun, the Moon and the Milky Way
– 3D viewer in Augmented Reality Sun, Moon, Milky Way, Celestial Equator, polaris, depth of field and field of view
** NOTE: The views of Augmented Reality in this application use the compass of your device. Some devices may not have a compass.
– Manager of planning
Manager – locations
– Information about the sunrise / sunset and Moon, twilights, golden hour, blue hour, superlunas and lunar calendar
– Calculators: long exposure, timelapse, trails of stars, stars as points, hyperfocal, depth of field
– Widgets: Sun, Moon, and Milky Way
– Awards PhotoPills … and much more!

How it works
Have you ever stopped in a place and thought: “it Is a pity that the Moon is not there … would have been a great photo!”? To the best thing that ever happened to you with the Sun or the Milky Way … Now you can leave your imagination fly and calculate when it happens that magical moment in just a few seconds:
– IMAGINE: the Milky Way forming an arch over a beautiful landscape, a sunrise between two rocks on a deserted beach or a full moon appearing from behind a nearby hill. Don’t put limits to your imagination!
– Planning ahead: easily calculate the day and the exact time that will happen is the image with that dream.
– FIRES: salt, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy living and capturing unique moments.

Become a legend
Because we know the enormous amount of time, energy and love you put into your photos. We want to honor them, to show them to the world and reward them with up to $ 6,000 in cash. It is easy and free! Simply email your photos more creative through PhotoPills and join the legacy.

Never miss out on a photo
Creates a list of planned photos and get to time.

Make sure
Adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Using the viewers of Augmented Reality 3D to see if the Sun, the Moon, the Milky Way, the Celestial Equator, or the Polar will be in the desired position.

Explore, discover new locations, and create your own database
If you find a place that you want to remember, save it as a point of interest.

Access to all the information in an instant with the Widgets
Swipe from top to bottom from the top of the screen to enjoy all the information of Sun, Moon and Milky Way, as well as your schedule.

Much more than an app
We not only want to help you plan your photos, but we also want to help you to take them. When you need help, see our articles and videos, or simply send us an e-mail.



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