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February 16, 2017
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Mega Man Mobile v1.02.01 Mod APK

Revive a fragment of the history of video games with the original Mega Man, the classic platform game that oozes action of the four sides!

We’re 200 years old. Six robots created by Dr. Light, expert in robotics, have been manipulated by the evil genius Dr. Wily, and have embarked on a destructive adventure! There is only one robot left to thwart Wily’s plans and restore peace in the world: the Heroic Mega Man.

What is Mega Man?
The original Mega Man captivated the players when he went to the market thanks to his challenging game mechanics and his innovative concept: snatch the weapons of the enemy and then use them against the weak points of the new villains.

-Normal mode: Unlimited continuations. The continuation screen appears every time Mega Man dies. When you select continue, you can resume the game from the last control point passed in the current phase.
-Hard mode: This mode is more difficult and limits the number of continuations. Moreover, enemy attacks inflict more damage. There are also fewer control points in the phases.

-Sound: Increases the number to increase the volume.
-Vibration: The activated option causes your device to vibrate when Mega Man suffers damage. (Default enabled)
Note: This option does not appear on devices that do not have the vibrate feature.
-Attack: Auto: Press and hold the attack button to quickly shoot the Mega Buster. Manual: Every time you press the attack button, you will launch a Mega Buster shot. Play again and again to shoot quickly. (Default automatic)
-Speed: Adjusts the speed by selecting the normal or high values.
-Key settings: Change the position of the attack and Jump buttons in the game.

Tips on the mechanics of the game
Look for the magnet beam in the Elec Man phase, which allows you to place platforms wherever you want! To access the Magnet Beam you will have to defeat Guts man and get his weapon, or defeat Elec and return the phase with his weapon.



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