Headset Button Controller v8.1 Mod APK


Turn the button on a wired headset into a remote control for your music player - and much more!
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Christoph Kober
October 30, 2017
2.1 and up
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Headset Button Controller v8.1 Mod APK





Headset Button Controller is highly configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, calls, initiate voice commands and many other things, only by pressing the button on your headset.

Headset Button Controller comes with a powerful configuration by default, but you can change almost all preset actions. Once you have configured it with your preferences, this works in the background without hardly using CPU. This has been tested with a wide variety of different Android devices and musical applications and works with headphone-specific Android three buttons both headphones from a single button.

Default configuration
* A press; play / pause (+ picks up call / call ends)
* Double-tap: next track (+ rejects call / microphone mute)
* Triple-tap: previous track
* Quad press: previous track (2 x)
* Long press: [2] Volume Control
* Press and hold: fast forward [3]
* Double-tap and hold: kick [3]
* Triple-tap and hold: off

All the above options are configurable
* Stop
* Play / pause
* Next track
* Previous track
* Previous track (2 x)
* Mute / unmute
* Voice commands
* Search by voice
* Redial the last number
* Indicate the time (requires “Text-To-Speech”)
* Launch application
* Launching shortcuts
* ‘Tasker’ tasks [1]
* Activate profile

Selection of players
Headset Button Controller supports the common musical applications applications. You can even determine what players want to control.

Characteristics of the volume control
Headset Button Controller remembers the volume when the handset is switched off and you can restore it when the handset is reconnected.
Volume limit: starts the command of the “volume control” level
Volume limit: ensures that the volume of the handset never exceeds this limit

Calling features
This allows you to even control the calls with the button:
* answer / end calls with a pulse (configurable)
* reject / Mute microphone with a double pulse (configurable)
* adjust the volume during a call (vid. volume control)
* announce the caller’s name (require ‘Text-To-Speech’)
You can also configure Headset Button Controller to answer an incoming call automatically after a preset delay.

Connecting / disconnecting headphones
You can set the action to perform when the headphones are connected or disconnected.

You can create different “configuration profiles” and swap them. Add a ‘widget’ or a shortcut on the home screen to easily change your profile. This is possible from a profile with ‘Tasker’ or ‘Locale’ icon (Locale plugin). All functions can be protected/copied to the SD card.



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